What The Tuck?

What The Tuck?

Originally posted on Barre Boss. Images courtesy of The Bar Method.

People who “do barre” typically know that all barre classes are not created equally and understand the subtle, but important differences between the various programs. However, even if you’ve been taking The Bar Method or another barre fitness program for several months or years, you may still be confused about some of the terms instructors use to help you achieve proper form. Specifically, for the purposes of this post I want to address the tuck. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way from Lotte Berk to Bar Method, the tuck became the center of attention and I think – NO, I know – the purpose and benefits of the tuck are easily misunderstood. I guarantee at some point along your “barre journey” you’ve probably asked yourself “What the Tuck?” I hope to clear up the confusion and answer your question.


Let me preface this post by saying I’m not an expert in barre fitness (outside of The Bar Method). In fact, I’ve only taken a few other barre classes in the past 10 years and can honestly say I don’t know what goes on behind the studio doors of Pure Barre, Barre 3, Studio Barre or any of the other hundreds of barre fitness programs out there. However, I know from talking to my own clients and reading articles like this one published on shape.com, that there are major differences in what we deliver, how we instruct our students and motivate our clients. It’s important to pay attention to these variances because it can mean the difference between changing your body and injuring your body. With that said, you should absolutely evaluate your choices and make sure that your studio is not “all about the tuck.”


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