Does Vibration Exercise Really Work?

Does Vibration Exercise Really Work?

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The Truth About Vibration Exercise 

Apparently vibrators may also help with building muscle and losing weight, according to a new study published in the journal Endocrinology. Now, this study is talking about the type of vibrating platform that you sit, stand or lie on. The theory is that the vibrations create an oscillation effect in the body that forces your muscles to contract and relax at a much higher frequency than normal. That (theoretically) translates into more muscle activation and a greater potential for increases in lean body mass.

To be clear, this study was done on mice and whether or not the benefits of vibrations translate to humans is yet to be determined. That being said, oscillation training does have some benefits that are backed by research.

Now, oscillation training doesn’t require the use of expensive vibrating platforms. In fact, you can utilize oscillation kinetic energy (OKE) training by anchoring band-attached weights to a barbell while performing classic moves like squats, presses, curls, and farmer’s walks. The oscillating load excites your central nervous system, fires up your joint stabilizers, and increases muscle activation. Plus, it forces you to perform your reps with a slower, more controlled tempo all while using lighter loads. So it’s easy on the joints and easy to recovery from.

One study found that OKE squatting increased muscle activation in key trunk stabilizers and the lower legs.


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