Taking Your First Spin Class?

Taking Your First Spin Class?

If you have never taken a spin class, the prospect can seem a little daunting. But we promise, you will never regret that first time you hop on the bike. To quell any fears, our amazing studio partner YAS Fitness, put together this great guide for first timers. And when you are ready to take the plunge, book one of their classes through the Open Sweat app.

Originally appeared on YAS Fitness. By YASDevin

Yes, taking your 1st spin class can be intimidating. It was for me and I was a Triathlete at the time. I wasn’t nervous about the fitness aspect of it, but rather of the “ordeal” of it all : the loud music, sweaty bodies, and screaming people. But when I realized that you could burn upward 500 calories in just 45 minutes, I changed my tune. Once in the class, it took less than 5 minutes for my fear to turn into exhilaration. It only takes one ride… 


You don’t need anything fancy at YAS. What would you wear to the gym? Regular athletic shoes will do fine, you can have the instructor put on baskets — there’s no need to invest in cycling shoes until you know that indoor cycling is for you. Bring water and a towels if you want, but most studios have both available. (TIP: At YAS if you check in on social media you get free water.) Your water bottle will sit in the handle bars, and you can towel over your water on the handlebars, it will help your grip and catch your sweat. Any athletic clothes are fine, but if you want to look like a pro, show up in some YAS gear.


Book your class through the Open Sweat app. Classes become available at 6pm and 6am each day. If the gym or studio doesn’t have an online reservation system, get there early to reserve a bike; the sign-up sheet is usually at the front desk. (TIP: During peak times, the list starts to fill up about 20 minutes before class starts.) Even if you booked online, you will want to get to class 10 to 15 minutes early. This will allow you time to talk to the instructor, get help setting up your bike, and learn how to use it properly. (Not having your bike set up properly can result in lower back, knee, or shoulder pain. So it’s very important to get there early!)


The instructor will guide you through the workout, telling you when to “Tap It Up” increase or lower resistance, pedal faster, and get out of the saddle. You’ll be guided through warm up, hills, sprints, and jumps. I love YAS jumps, but my favorite position is walking it out in 2nd. It keeps my 56 year old butt in shape! Like Yoga, keeping your core engaged is key. There’s high-energy music that keeps you moving and motivated, so “Get Ready To Sweat!” All instructors play high energy music, but at YAS the “Music Master” is Sherri Rosen, who is also the VP of all things YAS. Follow your instructor, but if you need to alter the instructions to make it through the class, go ahead and decrease the resistance. (TIP: Remember that you are ultimately in control of the red knob.)  As with anything new, know your limits, and as time goes on, you’ll be sure to build up your strength and endurance!

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