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Originally appeared on Well + Good. Fitness trends tend to swing from one extreme to the other. One year, seriously long workouts are all the rage and everyone you know has transformed into a triathlete. The next year, it’s all about HIIT in as little time as possible. Ultimately, workouts are personal and should never be […]

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According to SELF Magazine, there are a handful of best practices that can make all of the difference when thinking about the fitness milestones you want to reach. These tried and true tactics are rolled into the SMART Method, a goal-setting guide that trainers and professional athletes swear by. The SMART Method says that each […]

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Surfset Pilates is the newest class at Sandbox Fitness. This class involves floating barres on unstable surfboards which really gets your core and booty working. Minna and Style Expert, Alison Deyette show you their favorite moves and fun outfits each month. This month we are featuring outfits from Beyond Yoga. We believe that working out should be fun and so […]

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Blogger Brittney Semanick of Fitster and FitBrit took an ‘Introduction to CPP’ class at Carrie’s Pilates Plus using Open Sweat – check out her review below! If you’ve been thinking about upping the intensity of your Pilates routine, Carrie’s could be an excellent choice for you. But look before you leap! Carrie’s program is pretty […]