Sandbox WEHO Makes the Grade – A Fitster Review

Sandbox WEHO Makes the Grade – A Fitster Review

Blogger Brittney Semanick of Fitster and FitBrit took a ‘Tidal Turbulence’ class at Sandbox WEHO using Open Sweat. This is her review:


Sandbox Fitness offers high intensity group exercise classes that use the natural resistance of sand to maximize your workout. They provide fun and challenging classes that help lose weight, build muscle, increase strength and keep your body guessing. Classes are offered in a massive 600 square foot indoor sandbox! They provide an intense workout while remaining gentle on your joints.
Class: Tidal Turbulence 
Instructor: Quinn Crumbley

Mountain Climber at Sandbox WEHO

Vibes: (5/5) 

The vibes of this class and the instructor were very fun. There was a lot of first timers in class so Quinn made sure to explain all the exercises and demonstrate them as well as provide modifications.

Effectiveness: (4/5) 

I really felt the burn when I was doing the TRX movements. And the ab portion all the movements were done slow and controlled so I really feel like that is when the toning comes into effect.

TRX at Sandbox WEHO

Flow: (5/5) 

I liked the flow of this class because it was mainly circuits. With 4 minute circuits the class went by quick and never felt repetitive or boring.

Very random mix! Some throwbacks that I really liked!


The class was mainly slower controlled movements with each circuit consisting of a cardio movement like burpees or jump squats to get the heart rate back up.

Planking at Sandbox WEHO
Overall Review:

I am a huge fan of super high intensity boot camps but when I want to switch it up and work more on toning specific areas I turn to Sandbox for their Tidal Turbulence or TRX class. I have been taking classes there for over a year now but this was my first time taking Quinn. I wish I had taken him sooner! He was so much fun and he did an amazing job at making sure the entire class knew how to do each exercise correctly. Tidal Turbulence is a great, challenging class for toning the entire body. Being in the sand and on the surf board especially made all the exercises so much more challenging and I could really feel my muscles working hard! If you are looking for a more intense class I recommend taking their BOOTCAMP class, but if something in between low and high intensity is what you are looking for then check out Quinn’s Tidal Turbulence!

Britt and Quinn

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