Put Your Balance To The Test At Sandbox Fitness

Put Your Balance To The Test At Sandbox Fitness

By Tamara Lapinskas

If you are looking for something completely different to incorporate into your workout routine, you should check out the TRX class at Sandbox Fitness. It is a fun, energetic workout class that will give you a combined, full body strength training and cardio session.

Lila, our instructor, was getting stuff ready when I arrived for my first ever class but welcomed me, had me sign a waiver and gave me a quick warning of, “The boards will be super wobbly but use your core to balance, and don’t be afraid to fall off!”

After the other people got there (small class; only 5 of us in total), we started with a warmup in the sand of jumping jacks, high knees and running in place. The warmup was no joke and was by far the hardest part. That sand really makes it tough to even do jumping jacks and adds tons of resistance to each move. 


Image: Sandbox Fitness

When we finally got on the boards for the first time, I realized why Lila warned us. The boards were really wobbly but not unmanageable. Just wobbly enough that it wasn’t quite like being on water but enough to make the workout a challenge. I tightened my core as she has suggested, which helped, and added to the workout. 

We did exercises in sets. Each set consisted of 3 exercises for a certain amount of time. The exercises, which consisted of things like squats and single leg balances, were hard and I could feel the burn in my legs, arms and especially my core. If something was too advanced, Lila would give a beginner moderation. Sometimes I was able to do the advanced exercises, sometimes the less advanced version was hard enough. You spend so much time concentrating on staying on the board that the class flew by. 


Image: Tamara Lapinskas

At the end, i realized that I didn’t fall off the board once – a feat I’m very proud of. And surprisingly, I wasn’t too sore the next day! I’ll chalk that up to doing more abs workouts…

I can definitely see how the workout would be effective if you went multiple times a week, particularly if you’re looking for a full body toning AND cardio class. It’s a fun, effective workout and I’d for sure go again! 

The studio itself is a fun, bright space and parking is super easy – there’s street parking on the side streets off of Ventura and also a couple spots in a private lot right behind Sandbox Fitness.


Image: Tamara Lapinskas

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