Pure Barre Brentwood is Pure 5 Stars – A Fitster Review

Pure Barre Brentwood is Pure 5 Stars – A Fitster Review

Christina Rice of Addicted to Lovely and Fitster took a “Pure Barre” class at Pure Barre Brentwood using Open Sweat. This is her review:



Studio: Pure Barre Brentwood
Class: Pure Barre 
Instructor: Allison

Vibes: (5/5)

The class had a very upbeat, energetic vibe. Allison was extremely sweet, friendly, helpful, positive, and encouraging! She eased my nerves about trying something new and made me excited to start the class!

Effectiveness: (5/5)

I thought the workout was extremely effective. I felt the burn in my arms, abs, glutes, and hamstrings. I thought I was in good shape already, but this class made me feel the burn in places I wasn’t used to, which I loved!

Flow: (5/5)
The class ran very smoothly. Allison transitioned us from exercise to exercise seamlessly and easily, and she gave clear, easy-to-follow instructions as well as demonstrated the moves herself. If I missed something, it was easy to catch on and jump into the exercise.

Pure Barre Brentwood


The music was a great mixture of upbeat pop during the more intense parts of the class and calmer, more relaxing songs during the less intense parts of the class. The music selection really covered everything – Jason Derulo, John Mayer, Adam Lambert, and more! I loved the playlist. It really pumped me up and helped me get through the workout!


It was my first Pure Barre class, so I felt like it was pretty intense, but not so intense that I felt intimidated or like I couldn’t do it! I definitely got a great workout in – I was sore the next day!

Overall Review:

I would give this class a 5/5 star rating! The instructor, Allison, was incredibly positive and helped me with the moves I had trouble with, without putting me on the spot. She ran the class beautifully, and I loved her playlist! I was a little nervous because it was my first Pure Barre class, but Allison totally put me at ease. I’m used to lifting weights, so I loved how this worked my body in such a different way. I feel like this class would really be suitable for any level. I was a total beginner, and although parts were hard, I could definitely get through it. On the other hand, I know some of the other women in the class have been doing Pure Barre for years – but we all felt the burn! I would definitely go back!

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