Obsessed with Hyperslow’s Foundation Class – A Fitster Review

Obsessed with Hyperslow’s Foundation Class – A Fitster Review

Blogger Brittney Semanick of Fitster and FitBrit took a ‘Foundation’ class at Hyperslow using Open Sweat. This is her review:




Hyperslow is a brand new Yoga and cafe experience in the Beverly Grove area of Los Angeles, just down the street from LA’s historic Farmers Market. Hyperslow describes itself as “a wellness complex consisting of a bright yoga and meditation studio, a beautiful cafe serving organic, fair trade drinks and food, and an intimate gallery featuring local artists and artisans.” But more than that, it describes itself as a place for people to “connect rather than disconnect.” When you’re not connecting your mind and body in the yoga room, the clean, bright open spaces and comfy seating in the cafe give patrons an opportunity to connect with each other.

If you are new to yoga, or looking to strengthen your yoga foundation, Hyperslow’s “Foundation” class is where you want to be…

Hyperslow WS Cafe

Studio: Hyperslow 
Class: Foundation 
Instructor: Emily Davenport 


Vibes: (5/5) 

The vibes of this class were so relaxing. The room was very peaceful and sits close enough to the street which allows for you to hear the natural noises happening around you. Emily made the entire class feel very at ease and tranquil right from the beginning. The class itself was also extremely welcoming and friendly. I had an exchange of words or conversation with mostly everyone before or after the class which was a very nice change. Emily also took the time to greet everyone taking class, ask if anyone was injured or needed any modifications, and took the time to find out if there was anything in particular you wanted to focus on or work on during the practice.

hyperslow yoga room 3


Effectiveness: (5/5) 
The class that I took “Foundation” is Hyperflow’s beginners class. If you have taken a long break from yoga or if you are completely new I would say this class is crucial for you to attend before getting right into their vinyasa flow class. This particular class is taught at a much slower pace and really focuses on the movements and poses which is a great segway into a faster paced class such as vinyasa. Afterwards I felt relaxed and my body felt stretched and restored.


downward dog


Flow: (5/5) 
The flow of this class was very different from most yoga classes I have taken because many studios beginner’s class is a vinyasa class. However, not everyone is familiar with the practice of yoga so the flow was perfect. It was the perfect combination of deep stretching and small flows where we combined movements together giving the class a small taste of what a vinyasa class would be like.


over shoulder stretch


Tranquil and relaxing.


Leg up pose


This class was very low intensity. The main focus is to teach you how to properly get in and out of poses without hurting or doing damage to your bodies. I did not sweat during this class, it was more focused on slowly getting deeper into particular poses and stretches and concentrating on the type of breathe you want to have during your yoga practice.


knee down leg up


Overall Review:
To be honest, I was pretty obsessed. Not only is this a yoga studio but it is also the cutest organic cafe ever, with comfy couches and a homey feeling AND they also offer restorative classes, a vinyasa class, a strength class, and classes solely for meditation and breath work. That is the perfect combination of relax and restore! It is also perfect for taking a class and winding down in the little cafe with a tea or coffee. Street parking is easily available and accessible and free for 2 hours on the surrounding streets. The owners Emily and Asher were both so welcoming and kind it is impossible to not love them the second you meet!


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