Not so, we discovered last week, when we dragged ourselves out of bed to head to a Morning Breathwork Class at Hyperslow.



Breathwork Meditation is done by actively breathing, using the two-stage pranayama breath. And combined with the help of sound and aromatherapy, it has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, awaken your senses and leave you refreshed, mentally clear and ready to start the day.

The class, which started at 7.15am, was 45 minutes long and takes place in a comfortable, bright studio space. Most of the class is spent lying down, and you are even offered an eye mask and blanket to keep you comfortable.

Instructor Ana guided us through a series of breathing exercises in several phases, accompanied by some light stretching.

But despite the relaxing nature of the class, afterwards we felt energized, focused and with lots of energy. No need of a nap in sight.


In a wonderful twist, Hyperslow is also a cafe, serving freshly brewed coffee, organic teas and snacks. So as soon as the class is over you can grab a quick caffeine fix or some breakfast before going about your business.

The studio even offers a nighttime Breathwork class, which aims to help you unwind and relax after a long day, release tension and rid your mind of anxiety and stress, helping you sleep better. We can’t wait to try it.