Get Fit in 27 Minutes With PLATEFIT

Get Fit in 27 Minutes With PLATEFIT

Staying in shape is hard for most of us. It takes a daily choice to get up and move, sweat and burn extra calories. To feed your body with nutritious, clean and healthy food. Less in, more out. We all know the drill. So any workout that claims to burn more calories, in less time, has got to be worth a shot, right?

When I first heard about PLATEFIT, I was completely intrigued. Is it really possible to get a serious, full body workout in just 27 minutes? And by standing on a vibrating plate?

Last weekend, I headed to their Brentwood studio to find out.

I booked in for the 11.30am BootcampFit class with Ryan – a smily, high energy trainer who introduced himself immediately, helped set up my machine, weights and ball, and gave me a personal intro to the class and what it involved. He made me feel welcome and prepared for the class, despite me having never gone anywhere near a Power Plate machine, which vibrates around 900 times a minute, working your muscles harder and amplifying the results of any workout.

PlateFit offers a selection of different class options – BarreFit, YogaFit, TRXFit, their signature PLATEFIT and the class I was taking, BootcampFit – all of which consist of 27 minutes of high intensity interval training, with different parts of your body on the Power Plate at different times.

The machine vibrates around 900 times a minute, working your muscles harder and amplifying the results of any workout.

They also offer two ‘non-sweat’ classes – RecoveryFit and CelluliteFit – which are slower options that focus on stretching and muscle recovery. Either can be combined with a ‘sweat’ class for a back-to-back sweat and recovery session.

But back to class.

The fully booked session began to high tempo music with jumping jacks, high-knees and jump twists on the plate to get the heart rate up and the blood pumping. After a couple of minutes warm-up Ryan launched straight into the continuous stream of minute long exercise sets that included everything from step-ups with a dumbbell shoulder press, plank twists, push ups with your feet on the plate, box jumps onto the plate and more.

I was sweating, and hurting and laughing and there was no time to catch your breath between exercises but suddenly it was over. It went so quickly that I didn’t even get a chance to worry about how hard I was working out.

I looked over at my friend trying to catch her breath and she mouthed: “That went so quickly.” We left feeling invigorated and energized, and dying to do it again.

Two days later, and I was so sore. Like, the most sore I have ever been after a workout. And it was a full body situation. Chest, shoulders, back, arms, core and legs – all achy and jelly-like. Amazing to think that in just 27 minutes, this was the result.

PLATEFIT is the perfect hard and fast workout. Possibly the secret to putting in minimal gym time for maximum results. Either way, i will absolutely be back for more.

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  • Ryan Osborn on January 18, 2017

    Thank you so much for the kind words! I am glad to hear you enjoyed the class. I hope to see you back soon!:-)

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