Cyclepathic Turns Spin Class Into A Party

Cyclepathic Turns Spin Class Into A Party

Not all spin classes are created equal. And the Ridin’ Dirty class at Cyclepathic is proof of that. I headed into the Santa Monica based studio this past week to check it out for myself.

Cyclepathic offers both indoor cycling and group strength & conditioning classes led by an enthusiastic team of highly trained instructors.

The Ridin’ Dirty class we took, led by instructor Tracy Neilson Conley, is a high energy 45-minute spin class that consists of high intensity, timed intervals in the form of hill climbs and downhill sprints (all with resistance), set to an epic playlist of bass-y beats.

To say i was terrified clipping into the bike is an understatement. Spin has never been a big part of my workout regimen, and while I enjoy riding my beach cruiser leisurely down the beach cycle path, I have always avoided the seemingly hardcore sweat sessions that spin offers. Yet so many friends rave about their ‘addiction’ to it, and the exhilaration that follows each class they take. Not to mention some serious pounds lost and toned physiques gained. It had to be worth another shot.

As I got situated on my bike and began to peddle I noticed the huge range of people entering the class. All different body shapes and sizes, not to mention ages including several women of my parents age. Tracy was already in the room welcoming people and getting them set up on their bikes. And before I knew it, the lights went down and we were off.

Tracy explained right from the beginning that we would be doing three separate hill climbs throughout the 45 minute session; a motivating challenge that seemed totally doable and pushing through each stage actually became fun.

Each climb, and following downhill sprint, was perfectly choreographed to the selected playlist and combined with Tracy’s countdowns through the intervals, made accomplishing each stage more gratifying than the last. People cheered the end of each stage and even sung along to the music creating a party-like atmosphere.

There were also times were we were told to close our eyes and just focus on the music and peddling to the beat, which had an almost meditative effect. I almost forgot I was even peddling.

As we completed the final sprint and the class came to an end I felt exhilarated. I was a spin convert.


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