17 Ways To Be More Fit in 2017

Originally posted on PureWow. This is your year. The year you go to the gym every day, only eat monounsaturated fat and have a stomach so flat, people will openly weep when they see you in a bathing suit. OK, probably not. But here are 17 little things to do in 2017 for a fitter […]

5 Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training

Article originally appeared on Well + Good.  By Lisa Elaine Held Jordan Metzl, MD, is serious about high-intensity interval training. So much so that HIIT is becoming his go-to Rx. The New York City physician has been trying to build bridges between fitness and medicine for a while now, and with his new book, Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Workout Prescription, out […]

Open Sweat Co-Hosts Mental Health Awareness Event

Last weekend, Open Sweat joined actress Kate Mansi and Genevieve Fish of The Know Collective to co-host our second #sweattostopstigma event, benefitting BringChange2Mind. The inspiring event, which aimed to increase awareness of mental health amongst women, was held in the beautiful Hyperslow studio on Fairfax, where guests took part in a 45-minute yoga class, led […]

Don’t Give Up on Sleep

Originally posted on Vie 2 Cycling.  Work hard/play hard- right? It’s easy to think that getting enough sleep is a distant third in importance.  In fact, it’s vital.  Most of us need 7-9 hours of sleep to restore the body and mind.  The effects of too little sleep go beyond feeling tired.  Chronic sleep deprivation […]

How To Energize Your Morning With Meditation

For many of us, getting up in the morning is a struggle, and it can take hours to actually feel awake and engaged. So surely the last thing you would want to do in the morning is meditate? Not so, we discovered last week, when we dragged ourselves out of bed to head to a […]

The Hottest New Workout: Surfset Pilates at Sandbox Fitness

Surfset Pilates is the newest class at Sandbox Fitness. This class involves floating barres on unstable surfboards which really gets your core and booty working. Minna and Style Expert, Alison Deyette show you their favorite moves and fun outfits each month. This month we are featuring outfits from Beyond Yoga. We believe that working out should be fun and so […]

Carrie’s Kicks Up the Pilates Intensity – A Fitster App Review

Blogger Brittney Semanick of Fitster and FitBrit took an ‘Introduction to CPP’ class at Carrie’s Pilates Plus using Open Sweat – check out her review below! If you’ve been thinking about upping the intensity of your Pilates routine, Carrie’s could be an excellent choice for you. But look before you leap! Carrie’s program is pretty […]

Pure Barre Brentwood is Pure 5 Stars – A Fitster Review

Christina Rice of Addicted to Lovely and Fitster took a “Pure Barre” class at Pure Barre Brentwood using Open Sweat. This is her review:   Studio: Pure Barre Brentwood Class: Pure Barre  Instructor: Allison Vibes: (5/5) The class had a very upbeat, energetic vibe. Allison was extremely sweet, friendly, helpful, positive, and encouraging! She eased my nerves about […]

Three Posture Drills You Can Do At Your Desk

Dylan Conrad of Open Sweat shares some stretches anyone can do at work to correct posture and muscle imbalances. For those of you who have to sit at a desk all day, you know it can be taxing on your posture and muscles, leaving you stiff and uncomfortable. But there are few simple drills anyone […]