Carrie’s Kicks Up the Pilates Intensity – A Fitster App Review

Carrie’s Kicks Up the Pilates Intensity – A Fitster App Review

Blogger Brittney Semanick of Fitster and FitBrit took an ‘Introduction to CPP’ class at Carrie’s Pilates Plus using Open Sweat – check out her review below!



If you’ve been thinking about upping the intensity of your Pilates routine, Carrie’s could be an excellent choice for you. But look before you leap! Carrie’s program is pretty fast-paced and takes a bit of practice to get familiar with, so consider starting with their intro class to ease your way into the deep end and you’ll be swimming in no time!

Studio: Carrie’s Pilates Plus 
Class: Introduction to CPP 
Instructor: Jessica Lee

Vibes: (5/5)
The vibes of this class were very beginner, informative, and slower paced. The class was smaller so we gathered in one area of the studio so that Jessica could give everyone individual attention throughout the class. Before class began she took the time to introduce the class to the megaformer machine. It is important to take the Intro to CPP class if you are unfamiliar with a megaformer or if you are completely new to Pilates  so that you can learn how to use the machine without risking injury and so that you become comfortable with all the moves you will be doing.

Effectiveness: (5/5)
The Introduction to CPP is much slower paced then the other classes offered at Carries. Jessica did a great job making sure we were doing the movements very slow and controlled and making sure we were doing them correctly. I really felt my core engaged and all my muscles strengthening during this entire workout. Despite it being an Intro class, don’t expect to come in and not get a workout in because every class at CPP is a challenge!

Flow: (5/5) 
During this Intro Jess made sure we did a variety of movements on the megaformer. At the end of the workout I left feeling like I got a full body workout done which is exactly what I wanted! She was very concise and clear about everything we were doing and walked around the room helping everyone get in and out of movements. To make it even easier she often would jump on a megaformer to demo what was coming up. She also does an awesome job at pushing you to your limits and shouting a countdown out loud so we can concentrate on getting all our reps in!

Jess has the best playlists out of any instructor I have ever taken! Best remixes ever! During this workout I was pretty tuned out to the music just because I was really focusing and concentrating on all the movements and familiarizing myself with the machine!


Out of all the classes offered I would say the Intro to CPP is the least intense. This class is meant for you to ask questions and get comfortable with the megaformer. During the regular CPP workouts the class moves at a much faster, more intense pace.

Overall Review:

I had taken Jessica’s CPP Workout in the past without ever trying the Intro and I will say that wasn’t the best idea. I struggled throughout the class because it was moving pretty fast and I was very unfamiliar with the megaformer and Pilates in general. I also didn’t get as much individual attention as I needed because the class was much bigger and more advanced. I and the staff at CPP highly recommend that you come take the Intro a couple of times before giving their regular classes a try. I promise you will feel so much more comfortable and prepared by doing that. All of the instructors are great and know what they are doing but I will say Jessica Lee and Brian Evans’ classes are a little more challenging and advanced. Carrie, the owner is also amazing, very sweet, and teaches a great class.


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