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Open Sweat is the Best Way to Build Muscle!

Though you may think that your gym routine is packed with muscle-building exercises and your diet is filled with more than enough protein, you may still be missing a few key ingredients when it comes to building up your muscles. It’s more than just your workout that comes into play here — rest is just […]

Stand To Work If You Like, But Don’t Brag About The Benefits

    I’ve been itching to get a standing desk. After all, America’s sitting itself into an early grave. Sitting is the new smoking. Clearly, a standing desk would stop me from sitting, and standing is just so much better for you than sitting, right? Contrary to popular belief, science does not say so. Too […]

Ask Well: 20 Seconds to Better Fitness?

Is there a specific amount of time at which to keep your heart rate up during interval training to get the most benefit? The answer probably depends on your capacity for suffering, according to scientists who study high-intensity interval training, which is designed to briefly strain your body to its limits. Studies show that these […]

Some Thoughts About The Revolution of Health and Technology

Physical fitness was an obvious necessity to human survival and development from time immemorial. You had to be fast to hunt. You had to be strong to build a shelter. You had to be agile to defend your family. Survival meant training your body. Running, jumping, swimming, lifting, sparing, climbing, pushing, pulling, stretching. Fitness techniques […]