17 Ways To Be More Fit in 2017

17 Ways To Be More Fit in 2017

Originally posted on PureWow.

This is your year. The year you go to the gym every day, only eat monounsaturated fat and have a stomach so flat, people will openly weep when they see you in a bathing suit. OK, probably not. But here are 17 little things to do in 2017 for a fitter you.

1. Start every day with a tall glass of water to jump-start your metabolism. (No, not coffee. We said  water.)

2. …Then do a quick, ten-minute sun salutation. You’ll embrace the day with positivity and relaxation and while you’re at it, work out that kink in your neck.

3. Walk or bike to work at least once a week. If it’s totally impossible to get there without a car, take a 15-minute walk around the neighborhood before you leave.

4. Swap out one wine date per week with an exercise date. Running, biking and hiking is twice as fun with a buddy.

5. Binge-watch as much TV as you want… but do jumping jacks during commercials and sit-ups during the credits. 

6. Use a grocery basket instead of a cart. You’ll tone your triceps while you shop.

7. For the last minute of your workout, push yourself extra hard. Sprint, do an extra rep or bike around the block one last time to really make it count. 

8. Instead of ordering in, save the delivery guy a trip and walk or bike to go get your Chinese food.

9. Always hike the same route? Try the more challenging one next time. And the time after that. And the time after that.

10. Outlaw escalators. Find the stairs and use them every single time. (Unless you’re carrying a 50-pound suitcase. Then we’ll make an exception.)


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